About My Hobby Blog

aboutWith cyberspace being in a new land rush, I staked a claim on my name several years ago. After denying a few requests from other Chad Chandlers out there who wanted to buy it, I thought I'd throw a blog on the domain. Eventually, I developed it into a professional website, but I kept the Hobby Blog on the back-end. Feel free to follow along as I work on hobbies and projects around the house.


Why A Blog?

The Hobby Blog mostly exists to keep my out-of-state family apprised of my activities. Most of the content involves cooking, woodworking, or sightseeing. I post my recipes on here because my wife and I are trying to catalog them in one place. I’m always tinkering with new ingredients and this is a good way to update our home cookbook when we discover an improvement. It works great. When I’m ready to prepare something, I just pull up the blog post on my smartphone and voilà — no more searching through countless folders and books for the right recipe. If you happen to run across my posts and find the instructions helpful, then that’s fine by me. The same is true of my woodworking posts. This blog acts as a public scrapbook. If there are people out there who want to use my original designs and learn from my many mistakes, then I’m only too happy happy to help.


To What End?

I’m not hoping to get anything out of my Hobby Blog except a little organization and a some self-satisfaction. This is not a springboard to something bigger. I don’t even post with any reliable frequency (nor do I plan to), so I shed readers quickly. If you’d like to follow along, you’re probably better off subscribing to the feed than randomly checking for new content.

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