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I’ve finally moved into the 21st century and bought a smart phone. It’s the new Motorola Droid:


It runs Google’s second-generation Android operating system and is on the Verizon network. This thing is pretty cool. It has a 5 megapixel camera with a flash, turn-by-turn navigation and a slide-out qwerty keyboard:


Of course, it has two virtual keyboards as well, but the slide out one comes in handy when you have to type something with lots of letters, numbers and symbols, like a complicated login/password. This thing also does all the other things smart phones are supposed to do, and you can get an app for practically anything else. It has three (or more) home pages to keep your screen neat and tidy, an easy to navigate app tray, and Google’s voice recognition software really makes this thing seem futuristic. The most important aspect of the phone is that everything is customizable. Everything.

One thing I’ve noticed since getting the phone is how insecure iphone users are when it comes to their gadgets. You say you have the new droid and they immediately snap, “it’s still not as good as an iphone!” Really? Why are they so invested in the public perception of a cell phone? Who really cares, other than the self-identifying Apple defenders (apologists?). It goes beyond brand loyalty. It’s a form of tribalism, really, and it’s a little pathetic. There are some things the droid does better than the iphone. There are some things the iphone does better than the droid. Let it go, people.

But if I have to dip my toe in the Google vs. Apple pool, I’ll predict one thing… with Android being spread across multiple platforms and networks, and the iphone being sequestered on the relatively unreliable AT&T network, Apple’s stock will start dropping in the next couple of years — both figuratively and literally. That’s already happened to Garmin’s stock price after Google’s free Map Navigation app hit the market. And with Android’s open-source philosophy and unfiltered, programmer-friendly app market, you can expect Android to start winning the “cool feature” contest within the next couple of years.

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