If you’re with a new company or a young business that’s still evolving and looking to define itself, then branding is a great way to make sure your public reputation is effectively managed. A good brand should convey your industry, offering, and company culture. It’s not just a random name and logo.

Should I strengthen my brand or ditch it?

If you’re en existing company with years of experience in the marketplace, then rebranding must be seriously evaluated. Your brand is your company’s identity. Changing your identity can help to jumpstart a new strategy, but it can also throw away years of hard-earned prestige and goodwill. Rebranding is not always the solution, but it can be very effective when done right.

I’ve managed several successful rebranding efforts. What separates strong brands from diluted, ineffective brands is creativity and consistency. Does your brand evince your hedgehog concept? Does your copy focus on your banal features or your competitive advantages? Do you know the difference between the two? Is your marketing presence hopelessly fragmented? Maybe it’s time for a change and maybe not. Contact me and we’ll talk about it.

What does a new brand do for me, exactly?

New brands do one of two things; they better convey a message about what your company does, or they convey a better message about a new direction your company is heading. Either way, the only way to develop an effective brand is to define the core competencies of your company as you see them as well as how your customers see them. The two are not always the same. We use those findings to isolate the essential advantages of your brand, and I outline the steps necessary to better project those advantages.

What do I actually get for my investment?

I can deliver you a new look and a message that succinctly encapsulates your competitive advantage. This new look will be driven by custom logos and detailed brand guidelines that show you how to protect your new brand so that you never have to go through this risky process again.

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