Backyard Garden, 2010

I somehow talked my wife into going to the farmers market with me on Saturday morning. We got there five minutes after they opened and it was already packed. I forgot it was the annual spring plant sale, which is probably better described as the Battle of the Blue-Hairs. We ended up buying way too many plants for our garden again. They’re only a dollar apiece for most of the seedlings and you can mix and match to your heart’s content. That’s great because you don’t get stuck buying an 8-pack of cayenne plants. More importantly, many of these plants are from heirloom seeds, so we’re supposed to be protected from the blight that hit all the big box store plants last year.

Some of our herbs (and bulbs) survived through the winter, so we only had to buy more dill, cilantro and basil. As far as fruits go, we planted strawberries, cantaloupe, several kinds of tomatoes, and two blueberry bushes. The vegetables are squash, zucchini and cucumbers. The rest is made up of about a dozen varieties of sweet and hot peppers. Come July, we won’t be able to move between the plants.

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Backyard Garden, 2010
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