Five easy blog post ideas to drive traffic to your site

Generating new content via a company blog is a great way to not only attract new visitors, but also to show the searchbots that you’re actively improving your website. But you should never post content just for the sake of it. Your goal is to add value, not to just add words. As always, keep everything as brief as possible and focus on topics relevant to your readers (even if you don’t have many).

A lot of people hate writing. Their minds drift back to double-spaced term papers and seas of red ink. Those days are long gone. It doesn’t need to be difficult or even very time-consuming to speak to your customers via the web. You probably have a dozen conversations each day with coworkers or customers that would make worthy blog posts. Think of the things you have to explain over and over again. Those things are begging to be written down and referenced later.

Whether you realize it or not, you’re an expert at what you do for a living—or maybe it’s safer to say that you’re more of an expert than your customers are. So if you’re struggling to come up with ideas for new content, write about what you know.

  1. Talk about common mistakes
    Don’t disparage your customers, but talk broadly about the common mistakes and misperceptions you encounter on a daily basis. Explain what the situation is and how your customers can better educate themselves to get the results they want as easily as possible.

  3. Offer expert advice
    Is there a lingo that some customers use that lets you know they’re experienced? Are there some questions they should know to ask but usually don’t? Share that information with your prospective customers. Everyone wants to feel like an insider.

  5. Compile a list
    Do you have a process or a tool you’ve developed over time that would benefit others as well? Share it with your readers. It sounds counterintuitive to business, but empowering your customers to do things on their own will earn you their respect. And when they need assistance, you’re the expert they’ll turn to.

  7. Use pictures
    You’d be amazed just how fast readers skim over content. They generally scan headlines, subheadlines, and images. Even if your posts occasionally consist of nothing more than an interesting smartphone picture with a title and caption, it can be a nice break in the monotony of text. Just remember to keep it professional and relevant.

  9. Quote another blogger
    Still short on time and ideas? There are countless people out there generating interesting content about your industry. If you see something good, link to it from your blog and copy and paste an excerpt. It’s your right to share and comment on others’ work under Fair Use. This kind of linking builds relationships and link juice. Just don’t overdo it.

Do you have better ideas? Feel free to add them in the comments below.

UPDATE: Right on cue, here’s a list of 40 ways to build a valuable relationship with your readers

Five easy blog post ideas to drive traffic to your site
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