Kit-Cat Klock

A kitchen isn’t complete without a wall clock. We finally got to rehang our Kit-Cat Klock:

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You’d be surprised at people’s reaction to this thing. It’s like taking a shot of nostalgia for most people.

Here’s a little bit of the story behind this unique slice of Americana:

The Kit-Cat Klock was created in a small town on the west coast during the Great Depression. While the people of this nation were struggling to survive, the Kit-Cat Klock gave them a smile and entertained them with his rolling eyes and wagging tail. Knowing this, it is easy for us to understand how he can still bring comfort to many who remember those trying times.

You pay for that comfort. There’s no way it costs more than $4 to make this plastic chochky, but it retails for $40. Still, it’s fun to have around just for the entertainment value. Most people think it’s Felix the Cat from the old cartoons, a common misconception that led to a recent court battle:

Felix the Cat, the beloved cartoon feline, is taking on the Kit-Cat Klock, a kitschy timepiece with a similar puss.

For a century, Felix has claimed to be the only black-and-white cat with oversized – some might say bulging – eyes and a wry smile. Now he’s got his dander up about Kit-Cat, who sports a wagging tail, bow tie and equally wide eyes that seem to follow you around the room.

Baring his claws, Felix’s production company says in court papers that Kit-Cat is a “blatant knockoff” violating 100 copyrights registered in the last century. The suit also names retailers Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, and because they sell the Kit-Cat Klock.

The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court.

If you’d like to buy one of these “blatant knockoffs,” has a wide selection.

Kit-Cat Klock
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