Retro-Looking Christmas Tree Star

After our hefty investment in Christmas supplies last year, the wife and I decided to get a real tree again this year.

This year, I bought a really small tree. We learned our lesson after I trimmed away $25 worth of needles last year to make it fit in our tiny house. This tree is so small that I had to put it on a pedestal and cover it up with a skirt.

We decided the tiny ornaments we used to hang on our table-top tree in DC are too small for a real tree, so we decorated with a bunch of ornaments from our childhood. There are giant balls that feature Snoopy, Mickey, and the Pink Panther. It looks pretty retro, so we decided it would look even better with a retro-looking star on top. So I went out to the garage, cut up some scrap plywood, and glued it into a 1950s-looking Christmas tree topper.

I glued a clothes pin to the back, spray-painted it silver, and clipped it to the top of our tree.

I think it looks pretty apt, but we’ll buy or make a real one next year. I’d go whole hog and load this thing up with tacky silver tinsel but I’m afraid the cats would choke to death, thereby making the wife a very unhappy camper, and possibly ruining bowl season for me. So no tinsel.

We don’t decorate a lot besides throwing some lights on the front porch shrubs and hanging the stockings on the mantle. By the way, how funny is it that I have a wife who sews, but we have buttons on our stockings instead of embroidery?

We need to update the pictures in the buttons. Those fresh, young faces just remind us how much we’ve aged over the past few years.

Retro-Looking Christmas Tree Star
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