Scott Towers Imploding

On Sunday morning, a high rise in downtown Greenville was demolished. The city used the event as a training exercise for emergency services and invited the public to watch from a safe distance. The explosives were set to go off at 9:30 am. The wife and I parked off Church Street at 9:25 and walked onto the bridge for a good vantage point.

Right on time, we heard a succession of explosions. The building managed to stand strong for a second or two before the middle off the roof started to sink and all of the steel and concrete lurched inward like they had morphed into jello.

What’s amazing is how the main building fell straight down into its own footprint, and then the stairway towers on the corners each fell into the center without knocking one another out of alignment. There’s precision work, and then there’s this. It was absolute perfection.

This was one of the cooler things I’ve seen in person—a true marvel of modern technology. The folks who do this for a living merit every cent they make.

Scott Towers Imploding

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