Marketing Solutions

I am a strategic marketer by trade with a specialization in digital communications. I do some entrepreneur/small business consulting on the side with a focus on web development, market penetration, and growth. My lack of overhead translates into cost savings for you at exactly the time you should be investing in yourself.

Website Design

Do you know about best practices for new websites? Do you know what price is fair? I can help you understand how to integrate a website with your current strategy. Even if I’m not the best fit for your needs, I can point you in the right direction.

Website Audit & SEO

Is your website as effective as you hoped? Are you using your traffic data to improve your customers’ experience? If you aren’t identifying missed opportunities and optimizing for better search rankings, then your situation isn’t likely to improve.

Marketing Strategy Audit

Is your marketing straight-forward? Does your message speak of your own strengths or to your customers’ needs? Is your strategy coordinated and integrated? Enough with being reactive to the market. I can help you to be proactive.

Together, we'll take the mystery out of your marketing.


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