A Blue Ridge Mountain Drive

Last weekend, the wife and I spent a day in the mountains. Unlike most people, we both love driving in the car, especially when we have an audiobook to pass the time. We’re like the people who, at the advent of the automobile, marveled at the access and convenience it afforded. Back then, road trips were more about the journey than the destination. On a recent trip from Florida to South Carolina, we traveled almost exclusively on small highways. It took an extra few hours, but we got to see all sorts of Americana. On this trip, we drove to Silva, NC and worked our way back on scenic parkways and byways.

Along the trip, we went to a farmers’ market in Silva, NC, got some barbecue in Dillsboro, NC, visited Dry Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, drove through Highlands, NC, Cashiers, NC, and took back roads all the way back home. We were in the mountains almost the entire time. After 8½ hours of winding roads, my forearms were actually sore from turning the wheel.

Here are some pictures the wife took. Like I’ve said before, she’s a lot better with a camera than I am. Click on the first image to enlarge, then use your right arrow key to advance:

FUN FACT OF THE DAY: Henry Ford, always looking to minimize waste and increase efficiency, helped advance and popularize commercial charcoal briquets made from the wood that piled up at his plant. The charcoal briquets were marketed in conjunction with his cars along the lines of, “Discover America in your Ford. Spend time camping and cooking outdoors with Ford charcoal.” The briquets were later branded under his brother-in-law’s name, Kingsford. Eventually, lots of urbanites were driving through the countryside and their demand for clean places to sleep gave rise to the motel, a hotel for mototrists.

A Blue Ridge Mountain Drive
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