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The world has enough self-styled social media “savants” and SEO “gurus.” Some of them offer solid, sometimes prescient advice, but the majority are little more than substitutable preachers in the church of buzzword worship. What’s often missing is practical, strategic marketing advice for people who are relatively new to the game.

I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to use marketing and web development to enhance their messaging, strengthen their brands, and increase their market share. These people typically work around the clock managing their products, services, and customers, often without cutting themselves a paycheck. What they need is the low-hanging fruit of the physical and virtual marketing trees. They need the overview of what SEO is and how they can use it to grow their traffic. They want to understand how social media can extend their reach. They need to learn not only how to do these things well, but how many resources they’ll need to devote to doing them well.

I often tell my clients that repetition is a red flag for automation. If they’ve decided that a repetitive task is both necessary and useful, then it makes sense for us to figure out a way to make the task manage itself as much as possible. That’s kind of what I’m doing here. These posts expand on advice that I regularly offer to clients as next steps. Instead of repeating myself endlessly, I thought I’d put my ideas out there for them to browse when they have the time.

The fact of the matter is that you can do most of the stuff I charge a consulting fee for. And it certainly pays to take up the torch and learn how to incorporate marketing best-practices into your everyday operations. But like I’ve said a thousand times, I’m happy to take your money to give you free advice. Feel free to contact me for payment details.

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About My Free Advice Blog
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