Cooking Live Lobsters

For Valentine's Day this year, the wife and I cooked live lobsters. I wanted them to do battle for the privilege of being cooked last, kind of like my own personal Thunderdome, but the lobsters, sluggish from their fridge-induced coma, just flexed a little.


Here they are after about 10 minutes in the steamer:


We intentionally undercooked them.  We wanted the meat to be just firm enough to handle the final stages of cooking on the grill. The meat is still a little translucent:


We rubbed them with canola oil and started them flesh side down to get a nice sear on the tail meat, and then flipped them over and slathered roasted garlic and herb butter all inside the shell:


We complemented the lobsters with some cajun corn, fresh baked bread, lemon, and of course our homemade butter for dipping:


It was a wonderful mess. We had to improvise to get the last bits of crustacean goodness out of the shells. (Hence the hammer)


For more information on how we cooked the lobsters, click here to watch Bobby Flay demonstrate.

Cooking Live Lobsters
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