Corner Cabinet

After the wedding, I felt bad because there was nowhere in our cramped DC apartment for my wife to display her gifts. As a matter of fact, it would be over a year before we even took most of them off her parents’ hands. There was one tiny corner in our place where we could put another piece of furniture, if only we could find something small enough to fit in the awkward space. As you might expect, I ended up building it. Here was the design:


Even though this looks like a simple build, I was worried about making some of the 45° cuts on wobbly sawhorses with a circular saw form the 1970’s.

Luckily, I bought a new blade and it ran through the pine like a hot knife through butter. Here are the backboards, stained the color of espresso beans:


One pain with this piece was all the temporary bracing I had to add, remove and replace just to get it to take shape. But once I attached the header and the footer, it became manageable:


I thought I’d go with a two-tone effect, so I painted everything except the backboards with the leftover paint from the computer desk. And here it is, tucked in a tiny corner between the kitchen and the walkway to the bedroom:


I know what you’re thinking… what’s a kitchen without a framed picture of four tough-looking midgets little people? I felt the same way at the time, and what could my wife do about it? Marriage is about compromise, remember? She got a china cabinet. I got to keep my picture.

Corner Cabinet
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