Grilled, Bacon-Wrapped Trout

Trout is pretty easy to come by in South Carolina. It’s pretty cheap, too. Yet, for some unknown reason, I almost never buy it. I decided I’d finally learn how to cook whole trout. I remembered seeing a great-looking recipe in Bon Appétit that featured bacon-wrapped trout, so I thought I’d follow that method.

There are basically three ways to prepare trout:

  • Cleaned, bone-in
  • Cleaned, boneless
  • Filleted

I decided to cook these cleaned, boneless, which meant that I had two issues to overcome; I had to learn how to debone a fish, and I had to convince the wife to eat something that had eyes looking back at her while she did it.

These were my trout.


I deboned them according to these instructions.

You can see the progress here.


There’s really no recipe here. I just seasoned the cavity with roughly chopped rosemary, garlic, olive oil, smoked sea salt, and freshly ground black pepper. Then I stuffed them with sliced, seeded lemons.


Next, I seasoned the skin of the fish with olive oil, salt, and pepper. To hold it all together, I wrapped them in bacon.


I tossed these fish over a 400° grilling surface and turned them a few times to ensure that they cooked evenly.


Finally, I served them over some Israeli couscous.


These were good. The bacon added a nice seasoning to the skin, but I think I’ll just fillet and smoke them next time. That, or I’ll try deboning them after I’ve cooked them.

Grilled, Bacon-Wrapped Trout
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