Port-Dried Figs

Figs were on sale at the market, so I got some to make a tart for the wife. When I bought the wine for the chicken marsala, I also picked up a bottle of rose port. After tasting the port, the wife decided she wanted to sweeten and dry the figs.

Like riesling, brandy and other dessert wines, I love drinking port in small quantities. I even cook with it, depending on how dry it is (I made a port-based steak au poivre for the wife’s birthday). To make the figs, we soaked them in port for two days, rinsed them off, cored them, and then dried them overnight in the food dehydrator. This is how plump they were when they went in.

They shrunk by about 70% and lost their greenish color in the drying process.

The sugars form the fruit and port combined to make a nice little treat. It’s reminiscent of a cross between a sweet raisin and a dried cranberry. The only problem with doing fruit this way is that you don’t end up with a lot of bang for your buck.

The wife is good about making healthy foods with our dehydrator. I pretty much just use it to make meatcandy.

Port-Dried Figs
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