Pottery Kiln

I bought the wife a used Cress L-23 electric kiln for her birthday. Does anybody have any experience with one of these things? Any tips that’ll keep me from burning down my garage?

After spending a tidy sum on pottery classes just to have access to a kiln, it made sense to just cut out the middleman and buy one for the wife. The previous owner wired the garage for 240-volt power, so I just had to change out the outlet to one that works with her new kiln. She seems to be equally excited and apprehensive about stepping her pottery up to the next level, but I think she’ll be fine. I’ve checked out a half-dozen books from the library ablout kilns and glazes, plus she has years of experience. Plus, a “kiln doctor” is coming in from Asheville next week to make sure everything is working properly. After that, it’s on. I figured I’ll continue dabbling in the arts by doing some ceramic sculpture at home. I’ll post pictures of anything that’s not too embarrassing.

I could make some killer Tandoori chicken in this thing, but I have a feeling she’d kill me if I tried.

UPDATE: First Kiln Firing

Pottery Kiln
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