The Circus Is In Town

On our recent trip to DC, the wife and I listened to the novel, Water for Elephants. Even though much of the book is set in the early Depression Era, the colorful storytelling and the dynamics of a traveling carnival made us want to visit the circus. The Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus just came through Greenville and we went to see yesterday’s show. I took these pictures with my phone:

Oddly enough, my phone is the only reason we got to see the circus. We were in Charlotte for a wedding on Saturday and drove back to Greenville on Sunday morning, just in time to make the show. As is sadly typical for us, we managed to leave our circus tickets in the hotel room. I called the arena box office and they said that I could have them reprinted if I had the credit card used to purchase the tickets and a photo ID.

After searching for our tickets, the lady at the window said she couldn’t find a record of our purchase. I politely asked to see her manager and then the manager searched the computer several times to no avail. After a few more futile attempts to match our debit card with a purchase, she said she was sorry but she couldn’t find a record of the transaction. I handed my phone through the ticket window and showed her my online bank statement, which proved I purchased two seats from that account on the 10th of February. She disappeared for another ten minutes and came back with our tickets. Isn’t technology great?

*Bonus points to anyone who recognized this post’s title as lyrics from Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row.

The Circus Is In Town
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