Website Redesign

Most people who read my blog posts subscribe via email or RSS. That means they won’t notice the website redesign unless they make an effort to drop by. I loved the look of the old site, but I’ve been considering moving to a more professional layout as I take on more marketing consulting and web design work. WordPress recently put out another update that conflicted with my old layout. Rather than pore over the update code and tinker with the CSS to fix the error, I decided it was time to embrace 3.0 and make the change. Now if I decide to push the site in a more professional direction in the future, I can hide the blog in the back and build new index and portfolio pages.

I’m going to keep the site as a hobby blog for now, but I wanted to streamline the look, feel and utility of the blog. As I’ve said before, I originally built this website as a personal tool with which to catalogue and sort my various woodworking projects, recipes, travels, etc. You know, automation and all that. I think this new design manages to give me the cleaner feel I’ve been looking for while improving functionality.

UPDATE 2/2012: Yeah, I redesigned the site again. Click here to find out why.

Website Redesign
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