Front Porch Table & Footrest

My wife and I bought an Adirondack-style rocker for our front porch a couple of months ago and we thought we’d make a side table and footrest to go with it. I made rocking chair footrests for the in-laws last Christmas, so this was a chance to improve upon my design. This was my concept for the side table:


It’s nothing special; I just want a place to set my drink when I sit down and a place to hang a citronella lantern to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

It came together pretty quickly. I ended up putting in a lower shelf instead of just a cross-bar:


While I was working on the table, I was also letting the glue dry on the footrest frame:


I made the whole thing a little smaller than last time, and I took my own advice about lowering the horizontal stabilizer bar so it better braces the joint:


Fortunately, my wife was at home this time, so she took care of the cushion. She works with fabric all the time:


Our rocking chair is glossy black, so I used the leftover paint from the coffee table to make the new table and footrest match. As you can see, I’ve cleaned up and organized the garage considerably since then:


Finally, I attached the footrest cushion and carried the pieces to our pollen-covered porch:


I think they came out okay. All we have left to do now is make some planter boxes to flank the steps:


Two big, white boxes will better frame the entrance to the porch and make it feel like more of an outdoor room.

Front Porch Table & Footrest
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