Homemade Thread Organizer

As you may or may not know, the wife is big into sewing and crafts. She actually offers sewing lessons for beginners in the Greenville area. Our house is way too tiny for her to have a dedicated craft room or anything like that, so she basically took over the guest bedroom. All of the storage except for the closet goes to her supplies. All I get to put in there is my guitar. For now.

When I built my HTPC console a couple of months ago, we had no use for the rickety old armoir that used to be in our den. She immediately claimed it and gave me specific instructions to fix it and reconfigure the shelving to hold her notions. As part of the armoir redesign, she drew up a plan for an organizer to hold her serger thread. It’s comprised entirely of scraps left over from the console build. I told her that I’d be happy to assemble whatever she wanted, but I refused to paint or stain anything. Her perfectionism went into remission as soon as the onus was on her. As a result, none of the additions ever got painted or stained.

Here’s the armoir:

Here’s the thread organizer:

The way she designed this was pretty clever; it uses pegboard and pegs to vertically arrange the awkwardly shaped spools. The pegs are a little longer than the spools and pointed up at the end, so there’s no chance they’ll fall off. This many pegs gets a little pricey, but since everything else was essentially free, it made sense to build it this way. She just slides the thread organizer halfway out whenever she needs something. And in the rare instance when she can’t reach what she needs, there are handles on the top and side of the organizer to making lifting it in and out or the armoir easier.

The wife is good at visualizing things like this. She’s the one who designed our custom kitchen storage.

Homemade Thread Organizer
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