Website Audit & SEO

I see people all the time who think of their website as a sunk cost rather than a lead and sales converter. They want to redesign it every few years as if making it prettier will make it more productive. If you aren’t identifying missed opportunities and optimizing for better search rankings, then your situation isn’t likely to improve.

How does a web audit work?

After a cursory interview with you regarding your business plan and goals, I’ll use several independent tools to analyze your website for effectiveness. I’ll review your web copy to ensure that your message is straight-forward and easy to understand to the independent reader, that the flow of the site translates to leads/sales, and that your text is optimized for search engine crawls. I’ll give you the results of my research and you can decide how and when to make the necessary changes.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a buzzword that gets bandied about with other initialisms like SERP (Search Engine Page Ranking) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). My website audit results in suggestions that will improve the readability of your copy, your site’s search ranking, and your click-trough rates. But if you’re pivoting to be proactive rather than reactive with your marketing strategy, you need to integrate Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Places, Feedburner, etc. If you don’t exist on Google, you don’t exist to 60% of consumers. Google integration is paramount from a SEO standpoint and I can show you how to do it right.

What about social media?

If you’re happy with your website and are just looking to integrate with the social media platforms that are relevant to your business model, then I usually charge a fee based on the amount of work involved. Learn more about how I can help you with social media integration.

If you don’t have a website yet, or if you’d would like to build a better one, then learn about my web development services.

Get a free consultation

Contact me for more information. Let me know what you have in mind and we’ll see if my services are a good fit. Even if I’m not your man, I can probably point you in the right direction.