A Sampling Of My Homemade Furniture

I mentioned in a recent post how I’ve been making a determined effort to rid my life of tangible objects that have no utility. That might sound a little extreme, but if something isn’t useful to me in some way, I’ve decided that I just don’t have room for it. The wife is pretty much on board with this philosophy.

When you live in a house as small as ours, you have to make an effort to keep the clutter from piling up. As a result, I’ve had to build a lot of furniture rather than buy it to ensure that the storage space its adequate. There’s a misnomer out there that DIY always saves money. It doesn’t. But when you’re unwilling to compromise, it’s worth a little extra to get exactly what you’re looking for.

I get a little embarrassed talking about the things I’ve made, so I usually don’t point them out to anyone. I think the most honest compliment I can get from visitors is their assumption that my furniture was purchased at a store. Preferably a high-end store. Anyway, someone was asking me the other day what all I had made, and I promised to send over some pictures. I thought I’d just put the links to the pictures in a new blog post in case someone else asks the same question later on.

Here are ten examples of my homemade furniture. They’re listed from most recent to oldest. This isn’t everything, but this is the stuff that people tend to notice.

Home Theater/Personal Computer Console


Kitchen Island & Pot Rack

2 Posts: Kitchen Island, Pot Rack

Rolling Pantry Storage

Finished Kitchen 003

Dining Room Built-Ins


Coffee Table


Guest Bedroom Bookshelves & Bed




Corner Cabinet


Porch Swing


Computer Desk

If you want a more thorough listing of my woodworking projects, browse through here.

I have four more pieces to make — a pair of foyer bookcases, of which only one will fit in our house (but we won’t always be in this house), and a pair of outdoor drink stations made from recycled kitchen sinks. By the time I’m done, we’ll probably move and the to-do list will repopulate.

A Sampling Of My Homemade Furniture
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  • February 15, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    I think the guest room book case is awesome, I think it would work perfect in my guest room, thanks for the idea


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