Table Rock In The Snow

As regular reader know, the wife and I love the mountains. It seems like we’re up there at least two or three times a month just to get out of the house. We’ve decided to start hiking more as a way to be active in the colder months. We’ve discovered that winter is the best time to go hiking anyway. It’s a little cold, but there are very few people out, there are no bugs, and the vistas from the Smoky Mountaintops are unobstructed. Last weekend, we decided to rid ourselves of snowstorm-induced cabin fever by going on a day hike. We went to Table Rock State Park in South Carolina and hiked the two-mile Carrick Creek loop.

Normally, this would have been a very safe and easy stroll. But because of the lingering ice and mud, we had to be extra careful. Looking back, it was probably a little foolish to go hiking after an ice storm, but the views were great.

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Table Rock In The Snow
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