Handmade Birthday Quilt

I’ve had the same old bedspread since my freshman year in college. It’s pretty faded and tattered to say the least. Since getting married, I’ve never been allowed to let guests know it exists, much less see it, kind of like Zelda from Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. So the wife took it upon herself to make me a new blanket for my birthday.

I’m probably stepping on her virtual toes a little bit by blogging this, but I wanted to share it with everyone.

She made me help choose fabric colors and was dismayed that I only wanted brown. So we picked out fabric that incorporates varying shades and patterns and she cut them into squares. We arranged them on the living room floor in a random pattern and she sewed the squares into rows over the next couple of days.

After she sewed all the rows together into one large rectangle, she taped the backing fabric and the batting to the floor and pinned the facing all the way through every four inches. I helped by staying completely out of her way.

Finally, she sewed it all together. I think it surprised even her how quickly she was able to finish it. My birthday’s not for a few more weeks.

It came out better than either one of us expected. It’s all cotton, so it’ll only get more broken-in and comfortable with time. Knowing me, the sooner we Scotchgard it, the better.

It took a while, but I worked up the courage to toss my old blanket in the trash can yesterday morning. New beginnings and all that…

UPDATE: The first night I used my new quilt, I apparently fell asleep on the couch with a glass of red wine in my hand. The glass didn’t stay upright for too long. While still asleep, I put the wet quilt in the clothes dryer and closed the door. I don’t know why; I have no memory of this. The next night, the wife found the quilt and, how should I put this, was less than pleased. Luckily, the stain came completely out with only one wash. I tried to argue that I felt like I was being framed since I was on autopilot throughout the entire ordeal and didn’t actualy make any of those bad choices, but she didn’t empathize with my plight. Women.

Handmade Birthday Quilt
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